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Collection: Access Master

Access Master garage door openers and access master remotes will match up with Liftmaster model numbers. Access master remotes operate the same as the LiftMaster remotes and openers. Access master is a division of the LiftMaster corporation and is interchangeable with all the LiftMaster garage door opener parts. You should be able to identify the Access master garage door opener remote model number on the back of the remote and then match it up with the corresponding LiftMaster remotes. The Access master remote might say 971AM or AC, which would be the same as a Liftmaster 971LM. It's the same part from the same company and will work. You can see all of our garage door opener remotes here if you want to see our entire inventory of products we carry. Access Master door openers and parts are all found to be color coded and interchangeable with LiftMaster products. Please check the back of your access master garage door to make sure the model number matches up with your particular remote opener needs.


  • Access Master 371AC garage door opener 315mhz
  • Access Master 971AC garage door opener
  • Access Master 890MAX keychain remote 1993 to present
  • Access Master 86LM coaxial antenna cable kit
  • Access Master 33AC (813LMX) Garage Door Remote Transmitter
  • Access Master 893MAX 3 button remote 1993 to present
  • Access Master 412HM receiver 390mhz
  • Access Master 312AC receiver 315mhz