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Replacement part numbers for Allomatic are either inconsistent or non-existing. Funny how a manufacturer will not name their parts properly but they do. Having said that you may find a part number that is different than what you believe it to be but it's the same part nonetheless. Usually Allomatic's parts will have an "aom" in them or the model number of the gate operator such as ***sl150. Hope that sheds some light...

  • Allomatic Limit Nut
  • Allomatic Limit Switch
  • Allomatic 4L300 Motor Belt
  • Allomatic EMI Board
  • Allomatic Half Horse Power Motor
  • Allomatic Gear Box For Model SW100
  • Allomatic Gear Box For Model SW300
  • Allomatic Gear Box For Model SW350
  • Allomatic DC Control Board
  • Allomatic AC Control Board

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