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Collection: Garage Door and Gate Keypads

There are many different types of garage door opener keypads available on the market today. To find the right garage door opener keypad, first select a brand name to reduce your search results. The difference between keypads is rolling code technology versus dip switch style code setting. Refer to the brand name first when determining which style of keypad is right for you.      

  • Liftmaster KPW5 Wireless Keypad
  • Liftmaster KPW250 Wireless Keypad
  • Liftmaster 878MAX Wireless Keypad
  • Linear AK11 Keypad
  • Liftmaster KPR2000 Keypad
  • Doorking 1506 Entry Keypad
  • Doorking 1804-155 Replacement Keypad
  • Doorking 1515-080 Entry Keypad
  • AAS 26-500 Gate Keypad
  • Liftmaster 877LM Wireless Keypad
  • Multicode 4200 Wireless Keypad
  • Doorking 1895 019 Replacement Keypad
  • Doorking 1504 Intercom Station With Keypad
  • Doorking 1804 156 Replacement Keypad
  • Doorking 1895 017 Replacement Keypad
  • Eagle EG654 Wireless Keypad