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Allomatic APS-1000-12 / APS-2000 Power Inverter

Allomatic APS-1000-12 / APS-2000 Power Inverter

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Allomatic Power Inverter Battery Backup System Model No. APS-1000/APS-2000

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A pure sine wave inverter that provides uninterrupted AC power for up to two ½ HP gate operators and their access control accessories in case of a power failure. The inverter features an AC bypass circuit, powering your gate operators and access controls or any appliance from the utility power or generator power while charging the battery. When utility power fails, the battery backup system keeps your equipment powered until utility power is restored. Internal protection circuits prevent over-discharging the batteries by shutting down inverter when a low battery condition occurs. When utility or generator power is restored, the inverter transfer to the AC source and recharges the batteries.

The series inverter can also serve as a central hub of renewable energy system. Set the series inverter to battery priority mode to designate it to inverter-preferred UPS configuration. In this configuration, the load power is normally provided by the inverter. However, if the inverter output is interrupted, an internal transfer switch automatically transfers the load from the inverter to commercial utility power. The transfer time between inverter and line is short(6ms typically), and such transfers are normally not detected by even highly sensitive loads. Upon restoration of battery capacity, the inverter will transfer back to inverter power (battery). In the line priority mode, when utility power cuts off (or drops below acceptable range), the transfer relay is de-energized and the load is automatically transferred to inverter output.

Once the qualified utility power is restored, the relay is energized and the load is automatically reconnected to utility power. It features power factor, sophisticated multi-stage charging and pure sine wave output with unprecedentedly high surge capability to meet demanding power needs of inductive loads without endangering the equipment.

The inverter is equipped with a powerful charger of up to 70Amp (depending on mode). The overload capacity is 125~150% of continuous output for up to 20 seconds to reliably support tools and equipment longer. Another important feature is that the inverter can be easily customized to solar priority by DIP switch, this helps to extract maximum power from solar in renewable energy systems.

To get the most out of the power inverter, it must be installed, used and maintain properly. Please read the instructions in the manual before installing.
What's included: 
  • 1 complete system with batteries, control board and control panel 

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