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Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad (GK-R)

Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad (GK-R)
Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad (GK-R)
Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad (GK-R)
Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad (GK-R)

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Genie GK-R (Previously GWKIC) Intellicode Keypad 

Features and Specifications

  • Genie INTELLICODE Keypad garage door opener wireless keypad
  • This keypad will operate up to three (3) doors, 390 MHZ Frequency with code rotating Intellicode format
  • The Genie keypad model GWKIC offers secure garage entry without using a remote control or key
  • Compatible with all Genie Intellicode Series II garage door openers
  • Also known as 37224R

Genie’s Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad system allows for easy access to your garage without the need for a remote or a physical key. This garage door keypad includes the added security of Genie Intellicode Technology built right in. The initial setup is quick and easy, it takes only minutes to complete. The keypad flip-up cover protects the pin pad from the weather elements. The keypad cover included is white however there are three additional colors of covers to choose from to best fit your desired look. The keypad features a backlight, which means you can safely enter your code even at night. The included x2 AAA batteries are easy to change. Plus Genie's Auto Seek Dual Frequency technology (315MHz/390MHz), helps to ensure the garage door opener will respond regardless of possible frequency interference. The Intellicode technology the keypad is equipped with keeps your garage protected by changing the access code every time you use it. If your garage door opener did not come with a keypad this is a quick and easy upgrade that can be added to any Genie garage door opener made since 1995.

  • Keyless Garage Access. Enter your garage without needing to carry a key with the Genie wireless keyless entry pad.
  • Genie garage door opener keypad is safe and secure: Intellicode Security technology changes the access code on each door activation to help prevent unauthorized access for extra safety. This prevents access to your garage by unauthorized persons.
  • Have pin pad access from one keypad that will control up to three separate garage doors that have Genie Intellicode model garage door openers installed.
  • Compatible with All Genie Intellicode Openers. Works with Genie single or dual frequency openers manufactured since 1995.
  • Strong, secure signals with Auto-Seek Dual Frequency technology to minimize interference and improve overall performance.
  • Easy Installation and Use. Mounts with screws (included) and features a back-lit keypad with a flip-top cover.
  • Includes detailed DIY programming and installation instructions. 
  • Temporary Pin: Can be provided to repairpersons, meter readers, house sitters, etc., while you’re away, without compromising your family’s private entry code
  • Genuine Genie Accessory- with guaranteed performance.
  • Replaces older model Genie Intellicode Keypads GWKP, GWK-IC, ACSDG, ACSDA1, ACSD1G, B8QACSDA, B8QACSDA1
  • Equivalent to: 37332R, GK-BX

Basic Programming for Genie GWKIC Intellicode Keypad

Reset Keypad Procedure:

1. Open the cover halfway.
2. Push and hold the program button and number 8 key simultaneously. The key indicator will blink once for 5 seconds.
3. Cover the keypad.

Programming Procedures:

1. Open the keypad's cover fully.
2. Push the key 3, 5, and 7.
3. Push the Program button. You’ll see key indicator blinks for a few seconds.
4. Enter your new PIN.
5. Press the Program button once again. The key indicator will blink rapidly.
6. Close the Keypad with the full cover.

Next Procedure:

1. Press and hold the Receiver Learn Code (from your Power Head Receiver) for a few seconds, then release.
2. Enter your PIN.
3. Press the 'Send' button twice.
4. Push send for another time to test if your door is moving.

Add More Doors to Your Genie Intellicode Keypad:

1. Open the full cover.
2. Enter your first PIN.
3. Press the program button three times.
4. Press the number key the same with the total of doors you want to program.
5. Push the Operator Learn Code button.
6. Enter your first PIN.
7. Press Send.
8. Enter the door number you want to set.
9. Push Send button three times.
10. Close the cover.
11. To test if programming is successful, open the cover again, enter your PIN1, then enter key number 1.
12. Repeat the same process with the next machine.


help me program my Genie GWKIC Intellicode keypadNeed help programming your Genie GWKIC Intellicode keypad?

View the instruction manual for the Genie GWKIC Intellicode keypad garage door opener.