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Collection: Parking Arms

Doorking 1601-080



Parking arms are made to contain and direct traffic as well as verify vehicle entry. The arm goes up and down quickly hence their popularity in airports, malls, country clubs and other parking structures. In this category we feature both AC and DC barrier arms. All models are made to last the continuous and rigorous open and close cycles these type of openers require. Barrier arms can be installed as a stand alone machine, work with a ticket spitters, radio transmitter, card readers or telephone entry systems. For safety you will need to add underground safety devices (loops) and/or photo-eyes to make sure that the arm comes down after (not during) each passing car.

  • Doorking 1601-241 Plastic Arm Mounting Kit
  • Liftmater MAS Barrier Gate Opener (Arm Not Included)
  • Liftmaster SP8 Arm 8ft
  • Liftmaster MAST Barrier Gate Opener (Arm Not Included)
  • Doorking 1601-285 Arm Breakaway Kit
  • Doorking 1601-295 Arm Breakaway Kit
  • Doorking 1610-080 Traffic Spikes (Spring Loaded)
  • Doorking 1610-087 Above Ground Spikes (3ft Section)
  • Doorking 1610-088 Above Ground Spikes W/ End Caps
  • Doorking 1610-240 End Cap for Above Ground Spikes
  • Doorking 1615-032 Warning Sign Replacement Panel - Red
  • Doorking 1615-034 Warning Sign Replacement Panel - Green