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Collection: Slide Gate Openers

sample of a sliding gate opener by Viking Access



Slide gate openers are made for sliding gates and are chain driven. In a nutshell there is a bracket for the chain on the front of the gate and one on the back, the operator simply moves the chain on a sprocket back and forth. Within this category there are the AC motor openers and the DC motor openers. AC motors are considered stronger, they come in 1/2 horse power, 1hp, 2hp an even larger. They are available in different voltages including three phase and yes they have been around the longest. Not to take away from the "future", the newcomers to our industry are the DC motor gate operators which are more flexible, consume less power and can be used with solar panels. If you're not sure which to buy let us know and we'll assist you.

  • Liftmaster RSL12UL Sliding Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster CSL24UL Sliding-Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster SL3000501UL Sliding Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster SL3000101UL1HP Sliding Gate Opener
  • Viking K2 Sliding Gate Opener
  • Viking K2s Sliding Gate Opener
  • Viking L3 Sliding Gate Opener
  • Viking H10 Sliding Gate Opener
  • Doorking 9050 Slide Gate Opener
  • Doorking 9100 Slide Gate Opener Model 9100-380
  • Doorking 9150-384 Slide Gate Opener 1/2 Horsepower
  • Allomatic SL100 Sliding Gate Opener
  • Eagle 1000 Slide Gate Opener
  • HySecurity SlideSmart CNX 15 Slide Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster SL585 Slide Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster SL595 Slide Gate Opener