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Collection: Control Boards

Save the money and do it yourself! Control board are the electronic circuit boards that controls your gate opener, processes the commands from the different devices that interface with it such as keypads, remotes, card readers and even alarms. This is the center piece of your gate opener and the most sensitive as it is prone to burning, electrical shocks and even insect attacks. It is common for the control board to be replaced for any of the above reasons at anytime whether on the first year or the 20th year of service of your gate opener. Most issues with the mother boards are not covered under warranty as they are caused by events not controlled by the manufacturers. 

  • Allomatic DC Control Board
  • Viking V Flex Control Board (Black Viking Logo)
  • Elite Q400 Control Board
  • Elite Q206 Control Board
  • Elite Q222 Control Board
  • Elite Q223 Control Board
  • Liftmaster K1D7545CC Control Board
  • Liftmaster K1D80591CC Control Board
  • Liftmaster K1D65971CC Control Board
  • Liftmaster K1D83891CC Control Board
  • Elite Q401 1 Horse Power Control Board
  • Elite OMNIEXB Expansion Circuit Board
  • Elite Q410 Surge Suppressor
  • Elite Q412 Surge Suppressor
  • Elite EL25 Circuit Board
  • Doorking 1812 Control Board