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Once you place an order, your credit card will be charged immediately. It typically takes our warehouse staff 1-2 business days to process your order. However, you will be notified via email throughout the process.


Orders that are cancelled on the day of order before they are packed and/or shipped will be credited in full but you must send us an email stating you wish to have your order cancelled. A phone call will not constitute a proof, it is necessary for you to email your cancellation request. Please note that once your order is shipped, be it within minutes or days after your order, it is subject to our standard Term and Conditions as provided herein.


Some items may be on backorder, if so you will receive an email stating that it is on back order as well a general ETA for it, at which time you can decide whether to wait for it or cancel your order. If you cancel the order immediately there will be no charges, however if you do not cancel, we will proceed with the order and there will be no way to cancel your order or reverse the transaction which means you will be liable for the full amount of your order.


Upon receipt of any product, customers must inspect the packaging for any signs of shipping damage. In the event of damage to the packaging, customers must immediately inspect the product for damage and have the delivery person sign on the delivery receipt that the item was damaged in shipping. Customers who note damage on the delivery receipt and still accept the product can file a claim with the shipping company for credit at the shipping company's discretion. We will certainly assist in the claims process but can not guarantee or warrant that a credit will be issued. If, upon delivery or within 7 days of receipt, a product is found to be defective or missing parts, please contact us immediately. Missing parts will be shipped free of charge, defective parts will need to be processed as warranty repair with the manufacturer and are not shipped free. Credit or refund will not be given to customers not willing to accept a replacement or missing parts. You may not replace an entire gate operator for a new one if a part was found to be defective. Only unopened items are eligible for return/refunds. All shipping expenses for replacement items and parts including International, Alaska and Hawaii are the sole responsibility of the customer. Any claim past the fist 14 days are not eligible for free shipping regardless of circumstances.


Special order items are not returnable for any reason whatsoever. These items are not in stock or not available at the manufacturer - these were made-to-order for you only!


Unless otherwise noted in the product description, customers may return any product within 30 days of the date of purchase if it has not been installed and after receipt of a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) issued by Shop Gate Openers®. Customers must request an RMA# for any product they wish to return and Shop Gate Openers will issue an RMA# to the customer provided the RMA# request per terms and conditions. Items returned without first obtaining an RMA number will be refused and sent back to you at your expense.

Returns must be packaged properly for shipping and must arrive at Shop Gate Openers® in the original product packaging with all parts included, not damaged in any way nor opened no later than 30 days from the date of purchase. Keys can only be exchanged, never returned. Items that have been opened, installed, modified or damaged by customer may not be returned. Any returns that are received damaged will be refused and returned to the customer at the cost of the customer. Full acceptance of merchandise is final only after our inspection. Returned merchandise purchased with free shipping will be billed retroactively at full rate upon acceptance. At our discretion, refunds are issued 14 days after approved return.


Yes, all eligible, non-damaged, returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Heavy, bulky items sent by freight are subject to a 25% restocking fee.


Shipping is never, ever refundable. All shipping expenses, including purchases and returns (even damage returns), are the customer's responsibility unless otherwise stated. When large items are shipped via freight carrier the customer is responsible for unloading the items from the truck themselves or face delivery surcharges by the freight company. In the event a customer refuses shipment after it left our warehouse, the customer will be responsible for all freight charges to and from the shipping location as well as restocking fee as provided by our Terms and Conditions, unless the item is Special Order in which case no refund will be given. Free shipping offers do not apply to HI and Alaska even if the system generates a free shipping quote


Free shipping is provided as an incentive to purchase from us and is not available in all states specifically Hawaii and Alaska even if system generates a free quote by default. Since we pay the cost to ship the items to you we shop for the cheapest shipping alternative we can find at the time of your purchase so disregard any options the website may provide. The free shipping method does not provide for insurance and we warn you in advance that we are not liable for any damage to your equipment during transport - none! You’ll have to take it up with the shipping company be it UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL or a local delivery service. If you wish to avoid any issues please upgrade your shipping and have your package insured - contact us for a rates. Furthermore (this is big), should you return a free-shipped item to us we will deduct the original shipping costs in addition to all the other fees from the refund amount due (which can amount to hundreds of dollars on large items).


Unless you have purchased a separate warranty from us, all warranty claims must be handled by the manufacturer directly. If you would like to hire us to process your warranty claim, there is a minimum charge of $149 per occurrence (subject to change anytime), not including shipping charges which are paid by you, they customer. You are required to first receive a ticket number for the damaged part before we can process your warranty claim


A moving gate can cause serious injury or death! You must refer to your gate operator’s manual and consult with the installer for additional information before you buy any product. We encourage you to download and read through the specification sheets and installation manuals of the products you intend to buy so you can get familiar with the equipment and verify that you'll purchase all the necessary safety devices in order to comply with UL325, ASTM F2200 Guidlines and your local building codes. If you cannot find an installation manual please contact our office and we will provide you with one!!!

Your vehicular gate is not intended for pedestrian use. A separate pedestrian gate is required if pedestrian traffic is expected. Clearly display warning signs on both sides of your gate.

Keep clear of the gate area at all times! People must be warned to stay away from all moving parts, entrapment zones and hazard or pinch points. If your gate has open rollers, be sure roller guards have been installed. Never try to operate the gate by reaching between, through, over or around the fence or gate. Make certain that all access control devices (push buttons, key switches, card Readers, etc.) Are mounted at least six Feet (6’) away from any moving part of the gate, or where they cannot be accessed by reaching through the gate. Do not permit children to play on or around a gate, and keep all controls out of their reach.

This section cannot cover all possible situations because each system is designed for a specific location or use, and has a unique set of components, however this section provides important highlights of two safety standards related to automatically operated gate systems. Read it and be certain this information is reviewed by those authorized to use your gate.

The industry has endorsed two voluntary safety standards related to automatically operated gate systems. UL325 addresses the manufacturing and installation of gate openers and ASTM F2200 addresses the design and construction of gates for vehicular traffic that are to be automated. Owners and users must be aware of the possible hazards associated with an automatic gate system and take care to reduce the risk of injury. Be certain that the designer and qualified installer of your gate system understands and applies the UL325 and ASTM F2200 standards as they relate to your unique gate system.

Take a few minutes to inspect and test your gate system, make monthly inspection and testing a part of your regular routine. Safety is everyone’s business, make gate opener safety a habit in your home.


ASTM F2200 standards require that automated gates must have the following, where applicable: Covers for all exposed rollers, protective screen mesh and/or guard posts. Slide gates and the adjacent fence must not allow a 2 1/4” sphere to pass through up 48” from the ground. Gates must be prevented from falling over if disconnected from the gate opener. Swing gates with potential entrapment zones of greater than 4” to less than 16” must be protected. Swing gates must not have any protrusions on the bottom of the gate. Please refer to ASTM F2200 for complete information.


UL325 compliant installations require the use of multiple entrapment protection devices that are effective while the gate is both opening and closing. Talk to your qualified installer about the entrapment protection devices recommended for your system and refer to UL325 guideline for complete information. For your knowledge, examples of devices as described above are: Gate sensing Edges, Photoelectric Sensors, Audio/visual Moving Gate Alarms.


Although the gate industry moves at a slow pace and innovation is a trickle we carry the latest product version, the freshest inventory with current warranties. Having said that, at times there will delays in updating information, there will be some mismatch information, erroneous information, error in entries etc which means we cannot warrant the accuracy of the information word for word, the pictures or the links. Each item is inserted manually and since we have hundreds of items some may slip between the cracks. We make changes to the product information regularly but legally are not liable for failure to update the information so don’t say we didn’t say so :-).


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This Agreement is made in, and shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of California, County of Ventura. If any civil action is filed to enforce or interpret any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement, or otherwise, the parties agree that the appropriate venue shall be a state court of competent jurisdiction, including small claims court, located in the county of Ventura, California


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None of your personal information will not be shared, sold, traded or rented with anyone other than the channels necessary to bring your order to completion. Any information received on the site is scripted and automated to make shopping with us possible and to enhance your overall shopping experience. We DO NOT keep your credit card information on file, in fact we do not have access to your complete information using our gateway. Our company uses gateway transaction for our credit card transactions that is one of the most secured in the world.

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