About us

A Gate Can Never Be Too Safe®

SGO® Shop Gate Openers was established in the early nineties as a an automatic gate company and later became a direct distributor to gate professionals. Over the years we've loosen up the wholesale rules and granted homeowners and the general public access to the same information and prices that were previously only available to gate professionals, but with a stern warning that gate equipment needs to be installed by a professional to comply with local code and federal law, as electric gates are inherently dangerous.

By allowing the public access, we've raffled some feathers as the manufacturers disagreed with us. They tried every trick in the book to continue to hold on to their grip and make the public pay 3-5 times more than they should. This situation is still ongoing (with some manufactures) and is derived from pure greed, appeasement of local dealers and the power hunger to control the market. Yet we still believe that the real client is the property owner, and not the dealer. After all, the public is footing the bill so why put them at the bottom of the chain of command, right? The public deserves better and we will continue to bridge the gap between what the big corporations want and what the public needs. 

So what’s different about us aside from fighting for you and your trust? well, for starters we always test and acquire the best brands and products in the business (which we've been selling to professionals for years) so you can rest assured your equipment will last much longer than the cheap imitations on Amazon. Secondly, we provide free shipping on hundreds of products and lower prices to boot. Lastly, we have the knowledge and experience that others simply don’t have, after all we advise the professionals, now that’s proof positive.

 Q & A

Why buy from us? The simple answer is trust and experience. We are not some guys selling gate operators and sunglasses on ebay or Amazon and shipping them from our garage trying to make a quick buck - we are professionals with a huge inventory on hand ready to ship directly to you. Also, we don’t sell knock offs, refurbished, used or stolen products.

How do we offer such low prices? We buy directly from the manufacturers in the millions and we carry a huge inventory, some 30 times as much inventory than the typical box store. Less showroom, more inventory = better prices.

Why do you ship to billing addresses only? We've experienced a huge amount of loss due to credit card fraud therefore we have implemented a fool-proof policy that closes any loopholes of friendly charge-backs or theft. However, if you need to have the order shipped elsewhere, and you are able to prove you are indeed the card holder, no problem, we can ship your order anywhere.  

Are you available to talk to? Of course! We have the best people to help you! We offer phone, email, text and chat support and we’re quick to respond too. You're never alone :)