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About us

A Gate Can Never Be Too Safe®

Shop Gate Openers® began as an installation company and later was established in the mid 90’s as a direct distributor to gate professionals only. Over the years Google and the Internet has brought the trade ‘secrets’ out into the open allowing homeowners access to information previously available only to gate professionals. We followed suit and allowed homeowners to buy from us direct at dealer prices with the stern warning that gate equipment needs to be installed by a professional to comply with the local and federal law as it is inherently dangerous.

Some manufacturers resisted our strategy and even sued us in international courts to comply with their “price policy” or “sell-to-dealer-only-policy” however, we persevered and today everyone is able to buy gate equipment directly from us.

So what’s different about us? well, for starters we feature the best brands and products in the business which we've been selling to professionals for years so you can rest assured your equipment will last. Secondly, we provide free shipping on tons of products and lower prices to boot because no one likes to pay for shipping and we all hate paying more. Lastly, we have the knowledge and experience that others simply don’t have, after all we advise the professionals, now that’s proof positive.

 Q & A

Why buy from us? The simple answer is trust and experience. We are not “dudes” selling gate operators and sunglasses on ebay and shipping them from our garage - we are professionals with a huge inventory on hand ready to ship directly to you. Also, we don’t sell knock offs, refurbished, used or stolen products.

How such low prices? We buy directly from the manufacturer in the millions and carry a huge inventory, some 30 times as much inventory than the typical box store. Less showroom, more inventory = better prices.

Why do you ship to billing addresses only? We've experienced a huge amount of loss due to fraud therefore we implemented a fool-proof policy that closes any loopholes (no thief will send merchandise to the card holder's billing address). However, if you must have the order shipped elsewhere, and you can provide us with a proof that you are the card holder (ID and credit card), we will ship it to wherever you wish.

Are you available to talk to? Yes, but we try to keep our lines open for our commercial clients and local dealers so please use email support and chat first, it is always available to you and we’re quick to respond during normal business hours.

What if I still need to speak to someone? If you need to speak to someone just call us, we will gladly answer your questions. And, if you need a professional technician to discuss your installation we will put them on the line with you too - you’re never alone!

How do I process a warranty repair? Just as you would with any big box store - all warranty issues and defective merchandise must be directed to and handled by the original manufacturer. If you wish for us to process your warranty repair, and depending on the item, we can do so on your behalf for $120 minimum processing fee (shipping not included).

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