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Collection: Proximity Readers

Proximity card readers are a convenient way to control access. Cards can easily added and deleted when a new user/employee is hired or let go. There are basically two types of readers, those that track user behavior and those that are stand-alone units with no tracking capabilities. Some other difference you can find is the range of the reader - this can be from as little as 1" to a few feet away.

  • Liftmaster KPR2000 Keypad
  • Doorking 1838 Access Control
  • Enforcer PRK1S1A Proximity Cards
  • Dookring 1508 120 Proximity Cards
  • Securakey RKKT Proximity Key Tags
  • Doorking 1815 Proximity Card Reader
  • Doorking 1520 Proximity Card Reader
  • Doorbird 125 KHz Key Fob Transponder
  • PAL PALUHFSTI RFID Sticker Tag (Batch of 50 Stickers)
  • PAL PALUHFKIT RFID Long Range System
  • Liftmaster PPCSC Proximity Cards
  • Enforcer PRK1K1AQ Proximity Tags
  • Securakey RK600 Keypad with Proximity Reader
  • SecuraKey RKCMH‐02 Clamshell Proximity Cards (HID)
  • Transmitter Solution DOLCMWIHIDEM Mullion Mount Card Reader
  • Mullion Keypad With Reader