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Collection: Swing Gate Openers



As their name suggests, swing gate openers drive swing gates. There are 3 types of swing gate openers: the first and most reliable one is the box-type opener which consists of a large box on the side of the gate with an arm coming out of it that pulls the gate to open (see picture above). The second is the arm-type opener which is installed on the gate itself and moves with the gate as it opens and closes. This opener has a rear bracket on the (back) post of the gate and one front-bracket on the gate itself allowing the drive to leverage between the front and the back. Within this category there are sub categories starting with most popular, the screw-drive (see the LA-500 or the Viking G-5). After that there's the hydraulic arm such as the FAAC-400 or lastly the electro-mechanical arm such as the FAAC S418. The third type of opener and by far the most challenging is the underground gate opener which is a little more complex to install but once you do it looks amazing. Whichever you choose we're here to help you decide.

  • Liftmaster LA500UL Single Swing Gate Opener With Safety Eye
  • Liftmaster LA500UL Dual Swing Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster RSW12UL Swing Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster CSW24UL Swing Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster CSW200501UL Swing Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster CSW200101UL 1hp Swing Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster LA400UL Swing Gate Opener
  • Liftmaster LA400U Dual Swing Gate Opener
  • Viking G5 Swing Gate Opener
  • Viking G5 Bi Parting Swing Gate Openers
  • Viking R6 Swing Gate Opener
  • Viking F1 Swing Gate Opener
  • Viking T21 Swing Gate Opener
  • FAAC 400 Swing Gate Opener
  • FAAC 400 Double Swing Gate Openers
  • HySecurity SwingSmart CNX 20 Swing Gate Opener