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Collection: Swing Gate Openers

Swing gate openers are designed to operate swing gates, which are hinged doors that swing open and closed. There are three main types of swing gate openers or operators: box-type openers, arm-type openers, and underground openers. The box-type opener is the most reliable and consists of a large box on the side of the gate with an arm that pulls the gate to open. The arm-type opener is installed on the gate itself and moves with the gate as it opens and closes. Within this category, there are different types of arm-type openers including screw-drive, hydraulic arm, and electro-mechanical arm openers. Finally, the underground opener is the most challenging to install, but it is also the most aesthetically pleasing as the operator is buried underground, hidden from view. Whatever your preference, we have a variety of swing gate openers to suit your needs.

  • Doorking 6500-381 Secondary Operator (1/2 Horsepower)
  • Doorking 6050-380 Primary Swing Gate Opener (1/2 Horsepower)
  • Doorking 6004 Dual Swing Gate Openers
  • Viking G5 Bi-Parting Swing Gate Openers
  • Doorking 6006 Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit
  • Doorking 6006-380 Replacement Arm
  • Liftmaster LA412XL20W Bi-Parting Solar Swing Gate Opener (Dual)
  • Liftmaster LA412CONTUL Controller
  • Doorking 6300-385 Secondary Swing Gate Opener (1-Horsepower)
  • Doorking 6300-384 Swing Gate Opener (1-Horsepower)
  • Allomatic SW-300 AC Swing Gate Opener
  • Doorking 6050-381 Secondary Swing Gate Opener (1/2 Horsepower)
  • FAAC S450 Hydraulic Double Swing Gate Opener
  • Doorking 6006 Swing Gate Opener Kit
  • Allomatic SW-325 DC Swing Gate Opener (1/2 Horsepower)
  • Doorking 6500-385 Secondary Operator (1-Horsepower)