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Collection: DOORKING 1812 PARTS

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In this category are the replacement parts for Doorking 1812 telephone entry system. Obviously there aren't too many parts but we thought that it deserves a category since we sell so many of these units and their parts. Below you'll find the replacement keypad or a replacement microphone, a push button, the key or the main circuit board - it should all be there but let us know if we missed a part please.

  • Doorking 2600 657 Key & Lock
  • Doorking 1804 290 Speaker
  • Doorking 1804 704 LED Light kit
  • Doorking 1998 020 Microphone
  • Doorking 1875 010 Bypass Switch
  • Doorking 1804 155 Replacement Keypad
  • Doorking 1812 147 CCTV Camera Kit
  • Doorking 1812 Control Board
  • Doorking 1812 Access Plus Control Board

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