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Collection: Circuit Boards Logic Boards For Garage Doors & Gates

These are replacement circuit boards for major garage door opener and gate operator brands. Some of the circuit boards listed are discontinued and do not have compatible replacements. We kept these online so you would know that it is time to buy that new garage door operator. Liftmaster logic boards are listed with all of the same images due to the fact that there are dozens of them. The part number will simplify getting the right logic board for your Liftmaster. Genie circuit boards have all of the original pictures and are slowly being phased out. There are very few circuit boards left on the market today for genie garage door openers.

  • Viking V Flex Control Board (Black Viking Logo)
  • Viking V Flex Control Board (Green Viking Logo)
  • Eagle E555 Diamond Control Board
  • Doorking 4602-012 Control Board Non-UL
  • Elite Q400 Control Board
  • Elite Q410 Surge Suppressor
  • Allomatic DC Control Board
  • Doorking 1835 Control Board
  • Viking V Flex Control Board (Orange Viking Logo)
  • Elite Q206 Control Board
  • Liftmaster K1D8388-1CC Control Board
  • Allomatic AC Control Board Non-UL
  • Viking H10 Control Board
  • Doorking 4602-018 Control Board (2018 UL)
  • Liftmaster K1D83891CC Control Board
  • Doorking 9050 Control Board