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Doorking 1812-087 Flush Mount Telephone Entry System

Doorking 1812 Flush Mount Telephone Entry System | SGO Shop Gate openers

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Doorking Telephone Entry System Model No. 1812-087

Simple to install, works like a charm considered "The Best" - the model 1812 Flush Mount is a unique telephone intercom system. Below is Doorking's breakdown:

General Description: Unique communication and access control system allows homeowners to use their telephone as an intercom to speak to a guest at a front door or gate. System connects directly to the homeowners existing telephone line. No additional monthly expenses for a separate telephone line Calls from access system are identified with a double ring. Homeowners know instantly if a call is coming from their door or gate Built-in call  waiting assures that incoming or guest calls are not missed 

Warranty: 2 year limited


  • 24 VAC (power transformer included)
  • Full Duplex voice communication
  • Unique ring
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Three (3) preprogrammed call out phone numbers
  • Special intercom mode for use with KSU and PBX
  • phone systems
  • Four-digit entry codes (50)
  • Built-in time clock
  • Entry code time zones
  • Call forwarding time zone
  • Hold open time zones (4)
  • Do not disturb time zone
  • Flash entry codes
  • Two relays to control two entry points
  • Multiple systems may share same phone line
What's included:
  • 1 complete system
  • 1 power supply
Download Information: