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EMX Carsense 202 With 100ft Lead Wire

EMX Carsense 202 With 100ft Lead Wire
EMX Carsense 202 With 100ft Lead Wire | SGO Shop Gate openers
EMX Carsense 202 With 100ft Lead Wire

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Item has been updated see new model here
An even simpler solution to car detection and/or gate exit devices. Below is the breakdown:

General Description: The CarSense 202 Driveway Alert Sensor is based on the well known CarSense 101 design. It has single piece design, making installation easy. The CarSense 202 is suitable for many applications, including safety, security access control, and solar applications.

  • Opens gate for exiting visitors.
  • Buries next to drive and senses moving metal such as a car or bicycle.
  • Does not go directly under the drive like an exit loop.
  • Not for use as a gate reversing device

Electrical Requirements: 12-24VDC or VAC


  • Sensing probe is buried to protect against vandalism
  • Wide range of power supply options
  • Easy installation
  • Low current consumption, making the CarSense 202 Slim a great choice for solar applications
  • Easy to integrate with security control boards, gate and door operators


  • Needs its own power source
  • Sensitivity cannot be adjusted. Smallest vibrations can cause it to open the gate 

What's included:

  • 1 sensor tube with 100 ft lead wire length 

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