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Collection: Keypads


Electronic keypads are an essential part of gate automation. A keypad allows for a controlled access to your property. Below we feature wired (corded) keypads and cordless keypads, plastic or metal. Keypad are mounted on a wall or gooseneck and its wiring is coming from the back of the unit. Some keypads have a large metal box with punch holes for an electrical conduit. Depending on the memory some keypads can handle a single code and some even a thousand. Wireless keypad work with and on the same frequency as your gate receiver so make sure you match the keypad with your receiver. 

  • Liftmaster KPW5 Wireless Keypad
  • Liftmaster KPW250 Wireless Keypad
  • Linear AK11 Keypad
  • Doorking 1506 Entry Keypad
  • Liftmaster 878MAX Wireless Keypad
  • Doorking 1515 Entry Keypad
  • Liftmaster KPR2000 Keypad
  • Liftmaster 877LM Wireless Keypad
  • Multicode 4200 Wireless Keypad
  • AAS 26 500L Keypad
  • Doorking 1804 156 Replacement Keypad
  • Eagle EG654 Wireless Keypad
  • Linear DTKP Wireless Keypad
  • Enforcer SK 1323 SDK Keypad
  • Linear MDKP Wireless Keypad
  • EMX KPX-100 Keypad