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Collection: Loops

Picture of underground loops by gate



Underground loop sensors are essentially magnetic fields that get triggered by mass metal such as vehicles. When a vehicle is driven over the loop, its loop detector will sense it and close a relay which will send a signal to the gate opener to take action such as open the gate (when an exit loop is triggered), or reverse the gate (when a safety loop is triggered). You can connect up to 2 of the same type of loop (exit, safety, center are types) into a single loop detector. Loops are a single (looping) wire and are measured by their circumference. Typically you deduct 4ft from each side of the driveway to calculate the width of the loop as well as 4ft from the gate and any other loop to avoid having the gate itself trigger the loop as the gate is considered a metal mass. 

  • Loop Detector Harness
  • Loop Detector Socket
  • Doorking M500 Loop Tester
  • EMX Carsense 101 With 50ft Lead
  • EMX Carsense 202 With 100ft Lead Wire
  • EMX Carsense 202 With 50ft Lead Wire
  • Reno BX4 Loop Detector
  • BD Driveway Loop Sealer Tube Black Color
  • EMX HAR-11 Loop Detector Harness
  • BD Loop LG Loop Sealer (Black)
  • BD Loop LG Loop Sealer (Gray)
  • EMX CarSense 101 Detector
  • EMX LP D-TEK Low Power Loop Detector
  • EMX VMD-202-50 Exit Device With 50ft Lead Wire
  • EMX ULTRA-MVP-2 Two Channel Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector
  • Preformed Vehicle Detection Pave Over Loop, 2 ft X 6ft for Gates and Garage Doors