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Collection: Remote Clickers


What's an automatic gate without a remote? the best part of an automatic gate is using the remote to open it. A remote control aka "radio transmitter" sends a signal to its receiver and the receiver tells the gate opener to open the gate. A clicker brand and frequency must match that of the the receiver type you already have in order to work. 

  • Linear ACT-21A Remote (Quantity 10)
  • Multi-Elmac 3089 visor size garage door opener
  • Multicode 3028-50 and 3022 Combo Kit
  • Stanley 1094 Garage Remote Visor Style
  • Stanley 1082 Garage Keychain Transmitter
  • Stanley 24286 Keychain Remote
  • Eagle EG643 Keychain Garage Remote 2 Button
  • Linear MCT-2 Remote 2 Button
  • digicode dc5070 300 mhz 2 button keychain remote
  • DoorKing Microclik 8068-080 Remotes
  • Liftmaster 373LM Garage Door Opener 315Mhz
  • Monarch 318lipw1kHID keychain remote with hid proximity card built in
  • DigiCode DC2002 300 Mhz Double Transmitter Conversion Kit