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Collection: RECEIVERS

Gate receiver or "radio receiver" is a device that is connected to the gate opener; it receives a signal from a remote transmitter and in turn tells the control board to open or close the gate. If you want to use a remote to control your gate you must have a receiver. Receivers and remotes must match each other in brand and frequency in order to function properly. The most common receiver brands for gates are Multicode and Linear but other brands are making strides and even have better reception at times. The brand of the receiver is determined by the gate opener installer, it does not have to match the gate opener brand.

  • Transmitter Solutions Receiver and 2 Remotes Package
  • Hive 318-1000 Receiver HIVE318WSA
  • Liftmaster 850LM Radio Receiver And 1 Passport Remote Set
  • Liftmaster 850LM Radio Receiver And 2 Passport Remotes Set
  • Liftmaster 850LM Radio Receiver And 1 Remote Set
  • Liftmaster 850LM Radio Receiver And 2 Remotes Set
  • Linear AP5 Radio Receiver
  • Liftmaster 312HM Radio Receiver
  • Multicode 109950 Radio Receiver
  • Liftmaster 412HM Radio Receiver
  • Liftmaster 860LM Radio Receiver
  • Multicode 1011 Radio Receiver And Remote Set
  • Liftmaster 315Mhz Radio Receiver And Remotes Set
  • Multicode 1099 Radio Receiver
  • Doorking 8040 RF Receiver
  • Linear GRD Radio Receiver